That Miserable Feeling – My Apology

You know that miserable hungover feeling after a night of too much drinking. The regret that you could’ve had water or soda, but somewhere in your mind you said it was okay. Well, it’s not exactly like that, but the regret is there. I didn’t get to a computer last night, mostly because there’s no internet where I was (the shock and horror, I know). Unfortunately being a good friend trumps writing to a blog, even if I’m noticing a growing audience that I don’t want to lose.

On that note, thank you to everyone who shows up, keeps returning, and all of that. I decided that today will have to be my first venture into publicly shaming myself. On top of this apologetic post, I’ll post up something of mine that maybe a few of you will find entertaining, a peace offering if you will for not getting up that lengthy post like I had hoped.

On that note, I’ll see you shortly.

~ Underdog


About writing underdog

I'm an aspiring writer of fantasy and science fiction. I graduated from a university with a degree in Writing and a minor in Philosophy. I try to learn a little about everything. I hope to update regularly, meaning at least once per week. View all posts by writing underdog

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