The Publishing of Tomorrow?

There’s been the spark of a trend recently, and it’s one of those trends that makes me stop and wonder about whether or not it’s a good idea. Why wouldn’t it be, you ask? Well, in this instance, it doesn’t sit well with me. It feels like going this route is cheating the system. Enough with the suspense, right? What is it? Writing a book with Kickstarter.

I have linked to two examples, one funded, the other unfunded.

Apocalypse Ocean

Master of the Forbidden, Book One of the Gauntlet Saga

Clearly both authors went with different routes in setting it up. The funded author has also released several books in the past, and has a reader base. However, attempting to write like this, in my eyes, makes it look like the money is more important, particularly if you ask for a ridiculous amount. As Erin Elizabeth Long mentioned in a recent post about self-published authors, they each have to consider their “brand”. Doing something like this could damage it, particularly if it’s an unsuccessful fund. Do you write anyway, and show that the fund didn’t matter (maybe you just wanted money), or forever put that brilliant idea on hold because you couldn’t get the money you wanted?

While it might not be the intentions of the author to come across like this, it can, and it might be harmful. If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, please comment and let me know what you think!

~ Underdog


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3 responses to “The Publishing of Tomorrow?

  • Erin Elizabeth Long

    I can’t say that I care for the second Kickstarter project. I think there are ways to do crowdsource funding for writers, but it seems like he simply wants to get paid to write his manuscript. Writing is very much a front-loaded enterprise; you spend months (or years) working on a book that may or may not ever see the light of day, let alone make any money. I’ve often wished that someone would pay me a salary just to sit and write all day.

    The first one makes a little more sense–he’s already written a book, so people know who he is, and he’s treating the project as a pre-order opportunity. Ten grand seems like a bit much, though.

    • writingunderdog

      True on all counts. I haven’t read anything by either author, but they were ones that I pulled up links to, so no offense to either of them.

      Maybe the first author’s book is worth ten grand. It’s the clearly a new book in a series. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to get that kind of advance when you publish with the big industry names after a book or two.

      What bothers me is the rewards. Adding in the input of other readers is nice, but still… “Have your name immortalized in the book as one of the characters.” “Your suggested name will be given to a starship or planetary body (your choice) in the Xenowealth universe.” How would it change the story?

    • writingunderdog

      Also, thanks for writing that article on Self-Publishing. It was a great source to link to when putting down my own thoughts!

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