Let Them Grumble

“WHAT THE @#&^%$*!?” Frodo exclaimed as another orc tried to impale him.

Yeah, seems out of place doesn’t it? Frodo doesn’t swear.

However, in all liklihood, Mr. Baggins would have sworn a great deal as he left the Shire for the Cracks of Mount Doom, nearly dying numerous times and all the while fighting the power of the Ring.

I despise excessive swearing, more than Tom Cruise movies or leopard-print coats (well, maybe not that much). It’s disgusting and rude and it belittles the swearer’s intelligence and depth of vocabulary. Personally, I don’t swear. I was raised that way and keep friends (save one) who also keep their language clean. That’s who we are.

However, the characters in my head are not those type of people. They’re rough and occasionally lewd, with tongues that more likely than not unleash foul language. And, writers generally place their characters in situations that would elicit “#$@^%!” from even me.

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