Fiction Highlights #1

Maybe this is less Fiction and more Fantasy, but I want to take a chance to highlight some books that I’ve read over the years, particularly if I don’t hear much about them.

Today, I want to put forth the author K. A. Stewart and her Jesse James Dawson novels since the third one, A Wolf at the Door, just came out, and I’m excited to get to it.

Jesse James Dawson is a modern day, American samurai, right down to the sword and Bushido code. He works part time in retail while he works his other job: saving the souls of people from the deals they’ve made with demons.

These books are a fantastic if you want a light read with memorable characters from all walks in the woods including the demon Axel, who blurs the lines between good and evil at times for his own purposes, and Jesse’s wife Mira, a pagan and practitioner of old magic. Of course, if you really want to know more, I recommend picking up the first one. You won’t regret it!


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