Video Game Deaths: Are you really a hero?

Game Over You Suck

Hiroshi Sukarazaka wrote a light novel called, “All You Need Is Kill”. Despite the engrish sounding title, the novel is pretty great. It follows a soldier fighting in a war against aliens. After his initial death, he finds himself in a time loop. Very Groundhog Day-esque, but instead of becoming a better person, the protagonist becomes a better soldier. Each death is a learning experience for him, and each time time reverts he is a little more knowledgable of himself and his enemies. I loved it. Ate it up. The soldiers drive small mechs called “jackets” to fight the aliens. Fuck yeah.

But the reason I’m posting this is because the author’s afterword struck me as interesting. Sakurazaka stated that he got his inspiration for the novel from video games. Sakurazaka said he received no satisfaction from completing games, because he died several times along the way. The king would…

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