Let Them Grumble

Having a dozen or so characters hollering over each other at the top of their lungs, can, believe or not (of course you believe me!), be a wee bit disconcerting.

Not to mention confusing, perplexing, irritating, and noisy.

There are main characters voicing their own opinions on how their story should go, would-be lovers screeching that they don’t belong together, evil doers shouting at the awful plans I make them complete, and drunk soldiers (who happen to be brothers) trying to hit on me.

Loving and knowing them while maintaining sanity is the easy part.

Turning their life into a story is something entirely different.

Basically, after I wrote my first draft and let it sit for a couple months I demolished the whole thing. Rented a bulldozer, destroyed it, then set the ruins on the fire and scattered the ashes into the gaping opening of an active volcano. I’m waiting…

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I'm an aspiring writer of fantasy and science fiction. I graduated from a university with a degree in Writing and a minor in Philosophy. I try to learn a little about everything. I hope to update regularly, meaning at least once per week. View all posts by writing underdog

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