Fantasy, Spirituality and Environmentalism

Brian Rush

Our culture is going through massive changes. The transition we face is every bit as huge as the change from pre-civilized life to civilization that began some ten thousand years ago. That transition was complete, the important political, economic, social, and cultural features of agrarian civilization all in place, by about eight thousand years ago in the earliest places it developed. Those features included technologies (farming, the wheel, metal-working, written language), political and social developments (classes of warrior nobility, commoners, and slaves; monarchy), and religious and moral developments, which are the ones of concern for the present purposes (not to say the others were unimportant, of course). So the entire transition took about two thousand years. Our own metamorphosis has been ongoing for about five hundred years. It may take just as long as the earlier one, or it may not; at this point it’s impossible to say.

We have…

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