Changes to Sexual Morality in Fantasy and Religion

Brian Rush

It’s probably just me, a personal quirk, but I can’t seem to write about main characters who take traditional monogamy seriously, or if they do initially they stop sooner or later. Angée in The Star Mages at one point had three lovers, one of whom had three of his own: Angée, another woman, and a man. Falcon and Dolphin became polyamorous as well, although they didn’t start that way. In A Tale of Two Worlds, the same applies.

Polyamory is a back-burner sexual morality issue in our culture (the front-burner issue at the moment is same-sex marriage, of course), but it serves as an illustration of the way we are changing. We’re not becoming an anything-goes, no-rules culture as some might fear, but rather a culture with a new set of rules that we’re still evolving. Strictness is actually increasing in as many areas as it is loosening; we…

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