Character Sketch #3

I’m on a roll! By that I mean, here’s my third character!



Gender: Male
Age: 34

Locke is the idealistic head of the Blackcourt Clan. He has long, dark, curly hair and gray eyes.

Originally the youngest son of the Blackcourt family, he quickly rose to power as one by one his parents, brothers, and sister vanished. Though many people suspected him, no one could prove anything. Despite the splintering of the Blackwood clan from the Blackcourt clan, it still remained a powerful force. While Locke declared neutrality initially, his loyal servant, Alexander Graves picked up Will Shiremont, a forced servant of the Eslei clan, and thus he enters the storm of the civil war.

Hopes & Dreams: Peace and more power to the people.

Fears: having to give up on his ideals.

Hobbies/Habits: Spending time with the locals. Tends to be more forgiving than he should be. Worrying Alexander.

Loves: The Harvest season’s weather

Hates: His family, People who would take advantage of him

Other Features: There’s almost always dark circles under his eyes from a lack of sleep. A sword with a red blade.


That leaves many more still.

  • Alexander Graves (m) – servant to Locke
  • Roric (m) – Knight of the Grand Edict
  • Will Shiremont (m) – Forced recruit of the Eslei clan
  • Mira Vale (f) – Married to Van Eslei in exchange for her family’s safety
  • Aya (f) – Strategist for Demon Eyes Arryn
  • Salibus (m) – Foreigner strategist who works for the Balorryn clan

As always, I’m open to suggestions for who to put up next.


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