A brief thought on world building

Hey everyone! I thought I’d mix things up today with some world building resources. This is just the tip of the list on I helped build on reddit. [Read the full list here!]

Book/Link List

World Building:

  • [1] World Building (Science Fiction Writing by Stephen Gillett
  • [2] The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy Vol. 1 by Darin Park and Paul Dullemond – I’ve read this particular book and it was alright. I enjoyed the different topics covered and hadn’t thought of some, food that the people eat, but it was more an example of the watered down topics. I thought it was a good jumping off point, the only issue is the book has some misspellings and bad grammar. Many sources or references are also out of date but nonetheless it is an interesting read. There are more in this series of books that I have not read yet.
  • [3] Fundamentals of World Building by Jessie Verino
  • [4] The Writers Complete Fantasy Reference by Writers Digest – My local library had a copy of this and I thought it was a good reference book. I didn’t read it cover to cover but picked out the sections that interested me. It had good historical info regarding culture, religion, magic, and other medieval references.
  • [5] The Language Construction Kit by Mark Rosenfelder – Also has a corresponding site that is quite a bit of help as well.
  • [6] World Builder’s Handbook by Multiple Authors – I have not read this book and am not sure if it is the correct one. May be a little hard to find with it being so spending while used.

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