Essays and Writing Tips

Today I want to share a bundle of links. One is an excellent blog post. The second, is an essay by the well known fantasy writer Terry Brooks. Finally, a selection of tips from various people over the years (105 Tips to be exact).

  1. One Reason to Write Fantasy – Myke Cole
  2. Why I Write about Elves – Terry Brooks (pdf format)
  3. 105 Writing Tips

I felt with NaNoWriMo coming up, and people beginning to buckle down for a writing haul, these might be inspiring.

Keep writing!

~ Underdog


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I'm an aspiring writer of fantasy and science fiction. I graduated from a university with a degree in Writing and a minor in Philosophy. I try to learn a little about everything. I hope to update regularly, meaning at least once per week. View all posts by writing underdog

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