On Dreams?

Recently, Musings of a Steampunk wrote a post about getting a Dream Journal. Usually, things like that fly low on my radar of interest. I do dream from time to time, but I never remember them. Even when I do, I tend to pass it off as either weird and just a dream, or as something vague (vague is being polite in this case) that I should just forget. Unfortunately, I have my senses opened up pretty widely these days. A lot of things are requiring my attention, and I’m actively looking for information and ideas for NaNoWriMo.

Thus, it should be no surprise, that for the first time in a while, I’ve had a dream I want to explore. Forget that I already had my NaNo stuff mostly together. Nope. This dream, I can only remember one piece of it, and yet, I want to explore the story some more. Maybe add to it. Resolve it even? But I’m not sure how, or when, or where. If I just take notes, will the image be so clear in a few months when I can get to it? Or should I toss things aside and use NaNo to charge blindly into this?

Odds are it’ll be set aside, but one can wish they had a few clones to do these things.


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