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A little bit different than a normal Tuesday

So normally, on a Tuesday, I re-blog things that I’ve found interesting over the past week, and leave it at that. I avoid posting anything of my own so it  A) doesn’t get lost among the posts and/or B) take away from the fact that I found them interesting, inspiring, etc…

Instead, I’m doing something a bit different today. I’m linking to two posts, mostly because I stumbled across the connection between them, and found it an interesting, possibly unknowing to one side, exchange of ideas.

The first post was at Kristen Lamb’s Blog, on burning bridges to become a writer.

The responsive post came from on how it was poor advice.

While I tend to favor the response, it’s because I know that I have student loans to repay, no high paying job to build reserve savings, and come from a middle class family who can’t afford to take on my bills if I wanted to write full time. However, I cannot fault the core idea behind burning bridges, and that is to make time, and limit the ways for yourself to make excuses.

Thus, I ask my readers, what your opinions are on these two things? Do you take one side more than the other in your beliefs? Maybe favor one, but need to take the other? I’d like to keep the discussion going.


Try looking at it from another point of view

Hey everyone, I’m back-ish. I still don’t know how I had the steam to update almost daily for so many months, but here we have it, I’m posting on a Friday… With luck we’ll see a re-blog Tuesday as I doubt I’ll get to the blog on Monday, but I hope for a post or two per week.

It’s been tough coming up with something to write about. I’ve thought about magic systems, continuing a series I started on world influences, a Character Sketch, and hell I even came in today with the intent to write on criticism, but that’s been set aside. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of inspiration for these topics at the moment, or because I’ve had other things on  my mind, but I decided to talk about something else – perspective.

Most people cover the kinds of perspective, but I’m thinking more about the effects of it.

As an exercise in practice once, I wrote a scene in four different perspectives. My character, Soren was traveling alone with two scouts and a healer, and the events took place at an inn. (It’s only rough draft quality at best, but I might post it up on request.) Not every character started in the same location, or even at the same time, but to see the same things through another character’s eyes can drastically change the way a story is told, like seeing a murder through the eyes of the victim, the killer, or a witness would. My characters grew, the relationships between them felt more real, and it was just fun to do.

One of my favorite examples of perspective actually comes from a video game. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1) or Second Evolution (PSP remake). In the beginning, you choose a character, the male or the female lead, and play the game from their perspective. Depending on who you chose, some parts of the story change (when you separate for example, you go with your character, not both). It also changes the characters who join your team, and affects the dynamics of the relationships between your team’s characters. Some events, like the male lead’s attempt to contact home, is drastically different based on the character you pick. From his perspective, we see him trying to escape the path he’s been set on, and determination to make it home, and from her’s, we see sorrow and confusion at what she’s watching.

Perspective can be done with other methods too than just jumping to a new character. In one of my stories I tell the story from one perspective, and insert journal entries from another character in the between chapters some times. We get thoughts from the other character, while I can still keep the first-person perspective I wanted from the story.

Ends and Beginnings

Happy new year everyone!

I haven’t forgotten this place, it’s just been a very busy time. I hope to be rejoining the active community soon. 2013 is a new chance to begin again, so let’s not waste it.

This is what I said at the end of December. I’m still a bit busy in my life, dedicating time to trying to find a new job, and write of course, while maintaining the blog is tough work, and so my activity here suffers. Of course in a freak accident, this short post ended up in the drafts, and I hadn’t had time to check in on it. Thanks for your patience everyone!

~ Underdog