Ends and Beginnings

Happy new year everyone!

I haven’t forgotten this place, it’s just been a very busy time. I hope to be rejoining the active community soon. 2013 is a new chance to begin again, so let’s not waste it.

This is what I said at the end of December. I’m still a bit busy in my life, dedicating time to trying to find a new job, and write of course, while maintaining the blog is tough work, and so my activity here suffers. Of course in a freak accident, this short post ended up in the drafts, and I hadn’t had time to check in on it. Thanks for your patience everyone!

~ Underdog


About writing underdog

I'm an aspiring writer of fantasy and science fiction. I graduated from a university with a degree in Writing and a minor in Philosophy. I try to learn a little about everything. I hope to update regularly, meaning at least once per week. View all posts by writing underdog

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