A little bit different than a normal Tuesday

So normally, on a Tuesday, I re-blog things that I’ve found interesting over the past week, and leave it at that. I avoid posting anything of my own so it  A) doesn’t get lost among the posts and/or B) take away from the fact that I found them interesting, inspiring, etc…

Instead, I’m doing something a bit different today. I’m linking to two posts, mostly because I stumbled across the connection between them, and found it an interesting, possibly unknowing to one side, exchange of ideas.

The first post was at Kristen Lamb’s Blog, on burning bridges to become a writer.

The responsive post came from ElizabethMacAndrew.com on how it was poor advice.

While I tend to favor the response, it’s because I know that I have student loans to repay, no high paying job to build reserve savings, and come from a middle class family who can’t afford to take on my bills if I wanted to write full time. However, I cannot fault the core idea behind burning bridges, and that is to make time, and limit the ways for yourself to make excuses.

Thus, I ask my readers, what your opinions are on these two things? Do you take one side more than the other in your beliefs? Maybe favor one, but need to take the other? I’d like to keep the discussion going.


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I'm an aspiring writer of fantasy and science fiction. I graduated from a university with a degree in Writing and a minor in Philosophy. I try to learn a little about everything. I hope to update regularly, meaning at least once per week. View all posts by writing underdog

One response to “A little bit different than a normal Tuesday

  • Dreampunk Geek

    I took from that article that you have to be determined and unwilling to accept defeat in order to succeed. I can’t and wont quit my day job, but I can identify things I should cut out that are holding me back. I should also go after my dreams with a club instead of waiting for things to fall into my lap or always telling myself that it is ok to procrastinate until tomorrow.

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