Daily Archives: May 22, 2013

Brushing off the Dust

I’m not dead or anything, just busy. At least that’s what I want to say. Well, I’m not dead, so I suppose there’s that much that I can say. So, dust, brushing, cleaning up, and starting fresh and other such words. Does that mean I’m back? Yes, I do believe it does.

I can’t promise a solid schedule, but I hope to be much more active in the near future. With summer coming close, and one of my jobs taking a 10+ week hiatus, I should have more time to devote to everything, I hope, unless that dream job falls on top of me. Then we’ll see what happens.

Of course, I’ve probably alienated my few followers, so I suppose I’ll need some more. Like the legendary hero who gets separated from his friends, and can only get back to them by making new ones and growing as a person, I will save the world!!! Or I’ll just write about stuff. Your call.

~Writing Underdog