Mythology and Comic Books


It is often said that our modern day comic book characters such as Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman are the “new mythological heroes” and in many ways this sentiment is true. However in others there simply cannot be a comparison, at least not at this point. Amongst the feathers of my odd upbringing is the tidbit that, despite my ongoing admiration of silver-screen superheroes, I never really got into reading comic books as a child. Instead of reading the latest edition of Spider-Man I enjoyed reading stories from the classical world, stories such as Jason and the Argonauts, The Twelve Labors of Heracles, and my personal favorite The Odyssey. Here I will identify the common threads between these brands of heroes and discern the differences that to this day keep them apart.

OdysseyAlthough to some it may sound bizarre to me to find commonality between Jason of Ioikos and Peter…

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