Precognition: The Science of Divination

This is where I got the inspiration to write my post on Divination…


Allow me to share a personal story with you all.

For the longest time I once suspected that I might have had mental problems when I was younger. It was nothing overtly serious such as split-personality disorder or being overly violent (although I did have a reputation for having a short fuse!), rather I began to notice that I hardly ever dreamed whenever I slept. In fact I would say I had an extremely vague dream every four or five months at most, and would always dream about a specific event that was neither fantastical or implausible as most people recall their dreams being. It was always a set location I had never visited or a conversation with a person I could either not remember or could not discern a voice for.

DSC01050When I was about eight or nine years old I remember having a very vivid dream of myself…

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