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Time for another kind of preparation

Can’t do a post today. I’ve got to attend a wedding tomorrow! (Not mine.)


Busy holiday

Since I had Columbus Day off from work, I decided to use it as a busy/sick day for my blog. I will still leave you all with something, as always.

Time is such an expensive commodity these days…

While I feel guilty about this, at the very least I won’t be able to post more than this today. Keep writing!

~ Underdog

Busy Day??

I still have to post something, even when I’m busy. I did get a fun nomination, but it’ll, unfortunately have to wait until tomorrow. Still, thanks to musingsofasteampunk!

I’ll do a proper post tomorrow.

Till then… um… Have an awesome image by someone on Deviant Art!



Made it!!!

Something. Ta-da!

I’m just too tired…

Sick Day Number 1

I’m feeling crappy today, but still need to post something. I hear the internet likes cats.