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Overcoming a personal wall…

I have to admit that it took the blog post of a clever author to smack me out of my box so I could get around the writer’s block in my way. Just in case, I thought I’d share it with everyone. Normally, I’d make notes and summarize, but this is fantastic read for writers, and I think I couldn’t do it justice.

But, but, but – WHY does magic have to make sense?

Keep up, and feel free to share thoughts and comments on whether or not you feel magic needs rules or not!


How do you find inspiration?

I think it’s a fairly legitimate question. Is there a method to your madness? Do you walk out into a mid-west field and meditate while feeding the prairie dogs? Maybe you just sit there with a guitar playing the craziest riffs you can imagine until one sparks a scene?

I find inspiration everywhere: music, video games, books, TV, movies. Some word or lyric will trigger something in my brain, and suddenly I have a rush of a scene running through it.

The Nine Divines from the Elder Scrolls series became inspiration for the Four Divines in one of my own stories.

Listening to Scars on Broadway, the song 3005 sings about “resurrection junkies”. While it could be seen as a reference to religion, I turned it into an idea for a drug that makes you think you’re communicating with the dead. People who can’t move on and take it tend to become highly addicted, clinging to the fabricated memories of their loved ones.

A style of martial arts and a religion I created were built around the concept of another video game character.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Where do you find inspiration in your writing? Comment and share!

~ Underdog

Maybe it’s a writer thing?

So the other day I was in the car with my girlfriend on the way back to her place from seeing the Dark Knight Rises. We’d been talking about the characters, how well they were done, and comparing them to the comics today. We had a long discussion over the cast of the New 52 releases as we tried to piece together our opinions. Then it got quiet, you know, that silence that only forms in between conversations as your minds wander.

So we were quiet for a minute before she asks me what I was thinking about. The answer? (Paraphrased) “History’s Strongest Disciple: Kenichi has gotten new OVAs for the second major arc of the manga. I can’t wait for the third one. Right now there’s this fantastic music they use when the character begins his big turn-around in a fight. It’s kind of inspiring.”


“Yup. Good music is great for bringing an idea or a scene to life. That’s why I always listen to music when I write. It helps pump some creativity into the scenes I’m working on. Of course it has to be mood appropriate with some energy to it or I’ll pass out or something.”

“You have a lot of thoughts…”

So, is it a writer thing? Maybe I’m just weird. I’d be interested to hear from the rest of you on the matter.

Keep writing.

~ Underdog